Help Proof Christian Classics!

These are books we would like to add to CCEL's database, but they currently exist only as page scans of the physical books. A computer program generates text from these page scans, but the results need editing. You can proofread the pages of these books to fix errors, add markup, and format the text correctly. See the more detailed instructions on the Wikibook Editing Information page.

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A Dictionary of the Bible
Philip Schaff
Grace and Personality
John Oman
Institutio Christianae Religionis vol. 1
John Calvin
Jesus And His Sacrifice
Vincent Taylor
Our Translated Gospels
Charles Cutler Torrey
Paley's Natural theology, with illustrative notes
William Paley
Phantastes: A faerie romance for men and women
George MacDonald
Primitive Christianity
William Penn
The Epistle to the Hebrews
B. F. Westcott
The Idea of the Holy
Rudolph Otto
The Meaning of Prayer
H. E. Fosdick
The works of Thomas Shepard
Thomas Shepard
Tracts for the Times
John Henry Newman