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[image of a CCEL book page with navigation prefbar]
First open the book preference box by clicking the gear icon.
Adding subject tags to Book Pages is quick and easy, and it makes our new subject search more useful. You can add tags while reading any book page by simply typing relevant subject words into the Subject Tags textbox in the book's preference popup box. Just open the preference popup box by clicking on the gear icon, type a word into the Subject Tags textbox, and press the Enter key to add the tag.

Not sure what words to use as tags? Here are some tips:

  • Use general terms ("marriage" rather than "marriage of a divorced woman")
  • Fewer words is better ("freewill" rather than "freewill vs. predestination")
  • Ask "What is this page/chapter primarily about?" Good tags will help explain the content of a page.

[image of the preference box]
Type a tag word, then hit Enter to add it.

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