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Most books in the CCEL system are catalogued in the Library of Congress, and we would love to have the official call numbers in our system.

Follow these quick and easy steps to find the Library of Congress call number (LCCN) for a book, if it has one:

  1. Start at the official Web site: Library of Congress Catalog.
  2. Search by Author Name as "LastName, FirstName", or by keywords in the Title.
  3. Browse the search results.
  4. If you find a book that's in the CCEL system, copy the call number (lower right of the search result) and e-mail it to us with the author and title.
  5. You could also click the book title, click the "Subjects/Content" tab, and copy any subjects that are listed. Then e-mail those along with the call number.
[image showing a LC Call Number listing]

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