Audio New Testament: World English Bible

Audio New Testament: World English Bible
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Price: $5.00
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The Audio New Testament: World English Bible is a narration of the entire New Testament in the World English Bible translation, which is based on the ASV 1901. The result is a translation with modernized language that still retains some of the familiar phrasing of the KJV and ASV.

The narration is by Dave Williams, a Christian layman and chemist who lives in Virginia. You can listen to a sample of the recording.

You can play this CD in your MP3-compatible CD/DVD player or computer. To play it on your computer, you must have software to play MP3 files. Although most computers have MP3-playing software already installed, you can also download free software from Winamp, MusicMatch, or This CD will NOT play on a standard CD player. Portable CD players that are MP3-compatible are widely available for as little as $60 (or even less). Most current DVD players also play MP3 CDs.

The CD is on sale for only $5. Your purchase of this CD helps fund the further development of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.


This CD-ROM is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and just about any PC with a CD-ROM drive and a Web browser. To view the included printed text of the World English Bible, Netscape Navigator 6 (or later) or Internet Explorer 5 (or later) is required. This CD-ROM also works on MP3-compatible CD and DVD players.

Price: $5.00

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