2nd Esdras -- Is this a picture of the future?

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Hello everyone,

There's an interesting passage in 2nd Esdras which describes the Son of Man crowning His people.

2 Esdras 2:42 I, Ezra, saw on Mount Zion a crowd too large to count, all singing hymns 43 of praise to the Lord. In the middle stood a very tall young man, taller than all the rest, who was setting a crown on the head of each one of them; he 44 stood out above them all. I was enthralled at the sight, and asked the angel 45 'Sir, who are these?' He replied, 'They are those who have laid aside their mortal dress and put on the immortal, those who acknowledged the name 46 of God. Now they are being given crowns and palms. 'And I asked again, 'Who is the young man setting crowns on their heads and giving them 47 palms?', and the angel replied, 'He is the Son of God, whom they acknowledged in this mortal life. 'I began to praise those who had stood so valiantly 48 for the Lord's name. Then the angel said to me: 'Go and tell my people all the great and wonderful acts of the Lord God that you have seen.'

Does anyone think this is canonical? It's certainly an interesting passage and points to the Son of God before Jesus even came to earth.

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Yes it is


2 Esdras is placed in Apocrypha, because it contains prophecies that were revealed to Esdra before the first coming of Lord Jesus Christ in flesh by Archangel Uriel, chief of angels. The betrayal of judas iscariot, the false prophet, a thief against whom the house of the Lord Jesus Christ should be guarded, signified that some of the prophecies contained in the book of Esdras may be misused by the beast, pontius pilate incarnate, the unrighteous judge of Christ, and the false prophet, judas iscariot incarnate, in order to attempt to deceive Christians. Thus 2 Esdras must be studied together with the book of Revelation, keeping in mind that prophets were before John the Baptist, but after John the Baptist the word of Lord Jesus Christ contained in the book of Revelation is supreme.

With regard to your specific question, the events revealed by Archangel Uriel, are described in Revelation 14:1-5.