We need the Works of William Perkins

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I have a set of the Works of William Perkins 3 Vol.
Perkins was a puritan theologian and preacher in England in 16th Century.
He was called "Calvin of Cambridge."
He was an earliest Puritan Calvinist.
Even though I'm Korean, I have 3 volumes of his complete works, which is hardcover books.
The books I have was published in the late 1500s to early 1600s, they are written in old English.
Because of too old English, every modern man like me can't read Perkins easily.
I want some Perkins' writings to be digitalized.
I think his books are really public domain.
Perkins' books should become pdf or epub format because the Works of William Perkins is not portable and too larger than the Works of Jonathan Edwards(which is 2 volumes published by The Banner of Truth Trust).
If you are interested in this, please let me get and read William Perkins from CCEL!
Maybe some libraries of universities or colleges have the Works of William Perkins.
If you have, please make them pdf or epub or txt format so that we can read them on the computer or ebook.


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