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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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A quick response to take a break

I am busy working on a reply to PastorDave, in between other parts of my day, but it is turning out to be a long one (though I have tried to shorten it a bit) and so I thought I would take a break and answer one short one. :)

loutzenhiser said -
Do the catholics believe in the Rapture (pre mid post) and if they do then how will those that are caught up in a "twinkling of an eye" supposed to go to purgatory? aren;t they changed to thier new perfect bodies at the time they are called up?

I cover this in my reply to PastorDave as he asks a similar question, but I will briefly say that Catholics do believe we will be taken up (at His second coming). The purging of those will occur at the same time of the glorification of their body, probably as they rise up through the air to meet Him.

loutzenhiser said -
and what of those that enter into Gods 1000 year kingdom? or is that metophor as well?

Yes, Catholicism teaches ammillenialism. The 1000 years is symbolic of the Church age.