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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Forgivenss is dependent on grace and repentance

Mike said -
I specifically stated a Moslem that believed in "God" but denied Christ as Lord. So please relate it to that.

Michael said,
There are all kinds of ways one can deny something.

If they have truly learned of Christ and then denied Him I would be concerned for their soul, but then I can not speak specifically to their state of salvation as it is not my place to judge. If however if they deny Christ without having truly learned of Him (perhaps doing so just because their parents raised them that way) there is still a possibility that they may be followers of Him and His teachings without even being aware they are doing so.

Mike asks,
So then, what about their sin?

Forgiveness is dependent on grace and repentance. Grace from the cross and repentance by those who seek God. Their sin can be forgiven because of the sacrifice even if they are unaware of it. If someone knows they have sinned before God and knows they can repent and seek forgiveness God will be faithful because of the cross even if the one seeking forgiveness does not call upon it. Do you see something in scripture that says otherwise? Is there anything in scripture that says we must call upong the sacrifice in order to receive the forgiveness it merits for us, for all men?

If you require that forgiveness is dependent on a complete and completely accurate understanding of theology then your position does not differ from that some Protestants like to accuse the RCC of - that of condemning anyone who doesn't agree with their understanding. The difference is the RCC does not do this and you seem to.

Mike said -
My belief is such that once the Holy Spirit convicts a person of sin, whether they are catholic, protestant or muslim, the journey begins. (John 16:8-9)

There is conviction of sin.
There is a sensed need of forgiveness.
God introduces His grace by the Word,
Convicted sinner learns of Christ.
Convicted sinner asks Christ for forgiveness.
New Life is given.

So how can a "moslem" be a follower of Him without knowing about Him (Jesus)?

How can a "moslem" ask forgivness of sin without the cross?

There are many ways for God to provide graces besides through the word only, and the seeking of forgiveness I see in scripture is directed to the Father.

Following someone has to do with following where they go, what they stand for and what they taught.

Forgiveness has to do with repentance, confession and the faithfulness of the Father to do so.