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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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I will apologize to jwmcmac if he takes offense

Mike said -
Thanks Michael, you have just eliminated jwmcmac's authenticity!

Oh please - people respond to questions here all the time. I will apologize to jwmcmac if he takes offense, but I doubt he will. Why would you even complain about who answers your questions?

Michael said,
If you are not saved you will not go through Purgatory. But claiming to be Moslem does not immediately mean you are condemned anymore than claiming to be Christian means you are saved. The only way to be saved is to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. What is involved in accepting Christ is more than mere belief, so it is possible to accept and know Jesus Christ without even knowing a carpenter existed in the first century.

Mike said,
perhaps you could elaborate on that possibilty of a person being saved without knowing the name of Jesus Christ.

It comes from the fact that believing in Him entails more than just believing in Him as a Jewish carpenter living in the 1st Century, or even just in believing in His sacrifice for our sins, it also includes believing in His teachings and following them. These are possible without knowing His name. If you believe that God will condemn men who sincerely seek God and follow Christ's teachings (possibly without even knowing it) just because they have not heard the Gospel preached and His name taught to them by men then you believe in a very arbitrary God.

Mike said -
I specifically stated a Moslem that believed in "God" but denied Christ as Lord. So please relate it to that.

There are all kinds of ways one can deny something.

If they have truly learned of Christ and then denied Him I would be concerned for their soul, but then I can not speak specifically to their state of salvation as it is not my place to judge. If however if they deny Christ without having truly learned of Him (perhaps doing so just because their parents raised them that way) there is still a possibility that they may be followers of Him and His teachings without even being aware they are doing so.