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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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JStaller, Thanks for


Thanks for putting up with my sometimes infrequent rambling thoughts . . . and thanks for your kind replies too . . .

JStaller says:

"The only quibble I have (and here my Protestant stripes show through) is with the claim that certain portions of the Bible support the idea of purgatory which do not."

Jwmcmac replies:

OK . . .

You may be right . . . but that doesn't keep Catholics from trying to explain something that we Believe . . . trying to explain from the Bible . . . for the sake of our Protestant brothers . . . a doctrine of Faith which we would Believe even without any direct or indirect evidence from the Bible . . . a doctrine for which there may not be any such 'direct' or 'indirect' evidence for from that Bible . . . and for which there definitely is not any 'conclusive' evidence for . . .

We might, in part, 'see' it because of what we already Believe, Doctrinally . . . and we might not even 'try' to see it from the Bible if the Church did not tell us of it first.

Of course, we Believe that nothing that we Believe as to our Catholic Faith is in contradiction to nor can be in contradiction with the Scripture . . . neither contradicting the old nor the new testaments.

But . . .

Some things we Catholics just Believe, in Faith, simply on the say-so of the Church . . . as it is the Nature of the Church to do this . . . we often admittedly simply basing our Beliefs primarily upon the oral 'Traditions of Faith' referred to by Paul as being 'handed on to us' . . . and which we in the Body of the Church on earth claim to have received from CHRIST through those Apostles whom HE 'sent' into the whole world to Preach 'all things whatsoever' CHRIST has commanded us to Believe.

I know that sounds funny . . . and exclusive . . . but we actually include the Protestants in the Church through their Baptism into CHRIST . . . and as members of the Family of Man we include all men as being our brothers . . . fellow creatures of the One Triune GOD.

These things of the Faith of which we speak . . . Purgatory for one . . . are there to 'see' for those who Believe the Church . . . which is . . . the Pillar and Bulwark of the Truth which CHRIST left to us.

As the least convincing argument . . . to Protestants . . . if we like . . . we could treat the doctrinal Belief of Purgatory . . . as being likened to one of those instances where Mom and Dad say . . . 'Because I say so' . . . which is hard to hear for many of us children.

If we choose to Believe Mom and Dad . . . then it is easier for us to 'see' and easier for us to 'hear'. But, if we are arguing with or at odds with Mom and Dad . . . then it is difficult for us to 'see' or 'hear' . . . whether the Truth which they speak to us is 'explicit' or not.

Anyway . . .

GOD Bless you JStaller and us all.