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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Time to pare things back a bit. :)

JStaller said -
You might be surprised, but at no point was I skeptical to be skeptical.

I will accept you at your word for this, but then I would only ask that you do more than simply deny that I have provided support for a usage of a certain scripture and show how my interpretation does not fit. Offering an alternative only leaves open both possibilities unless you show that one of them does not address the section of scripture considered. That is what I tried to do with your alternative interpretations while at the same time re-supporting mine, even though you did not always critque them beyond denying they fit which didn't provide much insight.

JStaller said -
And I didn't think I was all that vague, either. I thought that I provided pretty clear evidence for my argument, especially my argument for a group-oriented soteriology supported by the Israel-oriented perspective of the Old Testament writers. This is why I suggested we back WAAAAAY up and talk about overall theology, particularly what is sometimes called kingdom theology, before we opened up the door to purgatory.

I understand the issue and you may be right, but I suspect we would never get back to the issue of Purgatory. Still we may have to consider it.

My complaint about vagueness was the very general way in which you saw the doctrine of corporate purification fitting the verses we looked at while at times there were huge issues in some of the verses which we left completely unaddressed by your interpretation, like the issue of rewards and punishment or the timing of this purification.

JStaller said -
Plus, there has been so much exchange between the two of us that I wouldn't know exactly where to begin. If there is a particular point you would like to address, or would like me to address, please mention it. It the meantime, I will prepare a response of some sort.

Another good point. I would hate to see our responses just keep getting longer and longer. Perhaps you could focus on the logical form and definitions at the very beginning of my previous post, and we can build slowly from there supporting the definitions and premises one step at a time.

JStaller said
Thanks for your patience and for your continuous effort.

You are welcome thank you for taking this on and for the way you have handled it so far.