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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Changing topics yet again?

JStaller said -
So, what’s the verdict… Kingdom Theology thread?

I will go where ever you want to take this discussion but I was really hoping that I had found a Protestant who was finally willing to enter into a "picking apart" of the scriptural evidence behind this Catholic doctrine.

Since you only responded to one idea from my previous post there are many other points I made which we will end up (not picking apart) but leaving them completely unaddressed.

If we are to change topics at least do me the favor of answering these previously posted outstanding questions before we leave this thread (if only to help me understand where you are coming from):

Where in scripture do you see support for this further purification?

In that section (or a related one) where (or when) do you think it says this further purification occurs?

If the basis for this idea does not come from 1 Cor 3 how does it relate to that section of scripture if at all, and if not why not?

If the basis is from 1 Cor 3 why do you not see it as occuring after our physical death since it refers to "the day" shall declare it? Is not this "day" the day of judgment?

If we are saved in 1 Cor 3 it is not because of our works, but because we built upon the foundation of Christ. If we are rewarded it is rewards other than salvation (which occur after death at the judgment). It only seems to follow that if we suffer loss it is loss other than damnation (which again occurs after death at the judgment). Both of these testings of works clearly occur after death.

Finally if this further purification does not occur after our physical death then is there no need to further purify those works? If not why not - why are they different from the works that go before them? What decides this arbitrary line of works before and after the further purification?