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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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JStaller said"

JStaller said"

"I like your analogy, jwmcmac. I have discovered that many of the things my own parents taught me were indeed, despite myself, correct. I have also discovered that my parents, though intelligent, well-intentioned, and loving, are not perfect, and that they themselves have made mistakes in my upbringing. This is their own analysis of themselves, not specifically mine... I bring it up because it seems appropriate to the analogy you have presented...

Justin Staller
Assistant Moderator

jwmcmac replies:

Thanks so much JStaller . . .

Isn't it funny that the message can get through so well . . . even through imperfect instruments?

That's an indication of what GOD can do too through a Church filled with imperfect members.

GOD Bless us all.