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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Just some thoughts . . . not

Just some thoughts . . . not to convince or persuade . . .

It seems to me that the position Bible-only Scholars take is similar to a son or daughter who . . . will not hear . . . much of anything their parents have to say regarding Truths of Life . . . just on the parent's say-so. 'I can do it myself', they say.

The Bible-only son or daughter can figure it all out for themselves by reading and by their personal HOLY SPIRIT 'guided' Life experience . . . but who is really doing the guiding here?

On the other hand . . . the good Catholic . . . drone . . . son or daughter . . . perhaps goes gleefully through Life . . . seeking Mom and Dad's counsel at every turn . . . perhaps never learning to . . . dare I say . . . think for themselves . . . always looking for HOLY SPIRIT 'guidance' which does not conflict with that which is already placed over him on this earth.

There is danger in both of these, perhaps.

The Catholic can grow into a man or woman who 'knows for themselves' the Truths their parents 'told' them . . . growing out of his state of being a 'drone'.

But what of the Bible-only son or daughter?

The Bible-only son or daughter can eventually 'come to know' . . . hey, my parents actually told me the Truth . . . that now I have come to learn the hard way through my reading and my 'Life experience'.

Actually, both of these scenarios can occur from either start.

Personally, I would rather be the son or daughter who listened to their parent . . . considering the 'parents' to be the Church and thus GOD HIMSELF WHO is telling me what's what.

But that is just me and perhaps is not you.

GOD Bless you all and me too.