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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Michael, that's right!

Luther and Henry were mostly about Politics and the abuse of Religion . . . with enough loss of Faith amongst the people and amongst the rulers . . . making all the abuse possible.

As a result of these two and other political and otherwise religious peoples and the scandals of the day, entire countries lost their ability to practice the True Faith . . . which apparently they weren't practicing very well anyway.

Martin and Henry could not and would not have been able to do what they did to harm the Church if the Church had not already been in such dire straights and the abuse of Faith and practices already being widespread amongst those in charge and perhaps among the people also.

But that is not an excuse . . . just a reason.

There is no excuse for a Member of the Church to ever leave Her Womb. There is only the One Church . . . not thousands . . . and no matter Her sufferings and trials . . . we cannot abandon Her or Her Faith and practice . . . if we know what's good for us . . . even if some wolves in Lamb's clothing are eating us alive . . . we just needing to keep running around and praying until the Good-Shepherd or HIS Good Priest come to our rescue . . . and that does not result in our leaving the Church, but remaining and rebuilding the Church as did Saint Francis and other Saints over the centuries.

Do not fear.

Just my opinion.

GOD Bless you Michael and us all.