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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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Luther did not see the Church as having doctrinal errors

DNR said -
The evidence is that the Church fixed a lot of things that Martin Luther had said were problems in the Church. Which is in and of itself an admission that the Church was wrong and that Martin Luther was right.

Yes, in issues of discipline you are correct, but none of the issue the Church addressed in the counter-reformation were doctrinal in nature, they were all regarding how things were administrated or allowed or proceeded. For instance, with regard to the primary complaint Luther had, "indulgences" (which make up the majority of his 95 theses) - the Church changed how indulgences were being handled (mishandled), but they did not change the doctrine of indulgences.

Those who study Luther's early life know too that Luther did not want to leave the Church and found another, because he did not see the faults in the Church as being doctrinal, and thus affecting the validity of the Church.

It was only after politics entered the debate (in the form of German Princes offering Luther protection in exchange for their chance to rebel against the Church's oversight and thus begin to abuse their peasantry) that Luther upped the rhetoric and began his tirade against the leadership of the Church.