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Catholic view of Purgatory ... Is it real?

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purgatory as salvation issue

I thought all of these thigns were achieved through God's grace. Purgatory is not a half way house between Heaven and Hell. The Catholic Church teaches, as do Protestants that there is ultimately only two final destinatons Heaven and Hell. Purgatory only has those who are eventually going to enjoy Heaven. No one in purgatory goes in the opposite direction to Hell. Purgatory is not a place of second chance at all. It purifies us from our earthly attachments that still cling to us at deathUNLESS we ahve purged those attachments of say greed, being still suseptible to too much liking for food or concupisence. In other words if we are daily prayers and are getting closer to God but are not as close as we ought to be at the time of death we need our attachments to earthly things purged so that we are free to see God unemcumbered.