Interesting CCEL statistics

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Some interesting CCEL statistics:

70,738 registered users (by far most users do not register)
55,792 newsletter subscribers

In the last year:

5.3 million daily-unique visitors
295 million hits
9,500 GB data transferred
38 million page views
1.4 million mp3 files downloaded (nearly 500,000 hours of audio)
488,000 PDF files

About 1.5% of page views are forum pages.

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Books in the library


We have a little over 1000 books in the library. We made it!

Actually, in this strategic planning process now I'm thinking about a number of matters such as improving tools for discovering books, having more information about books, improving the reading interface, and adding more books.

One idea is to try to be comprehensive--find books that ought to be on the library but aren't, at Google Books, for example, and proofread them and mark them up and add them to the CCEL. It would be nice to have all available books by authors such as Augustine or Chesterton. We could find all the books from notable Christian authors and include them.

We could use the multiple scanned versions of these books at Google Books to make one improved edition, and offer very easy ways for readers to correct typos that they come across.

Comments? Suggestions?


Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director