Interesting CCEL statistics

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Some interesting CCEL statistics:

70,738 registered users (by far most users do not register)
55,792 newsletter subscribers

In the last year:

5.3 million daily-unique visitors
295 million hits
9,500 GB data transferred
38 million page views
1.4 million mp3 files downloaded (nearly 500,000 hours of audio)
488,000 PDF files

About 1.5% of page views are forum pages.

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CCEL statistics for mar 2009 - mar 2010

Registered users: 201219
Newsletter subscribers: 71166

In the last year:

Total Daily Unique Visitors 9.93 M
Total hits 494.17 M
Total data transfer 16609.43 G
Page Views 36.74 M
PDF files 16609.43 G
MP3 files 597.10 K
Forum usage of total: 2.1%

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