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"How are we, Protestant or Catholic, assured of the truth of our doctrines?"

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Jeff and I shared the following exchange recently:

Jeff said,

Ok, the councils. But which one, or ones? Didn't one council of Trent overturn an earlier council at Trent? Which ones are accepted by all Catholics, or at least are supposed to be accepted by all?
I found the following comments in your post curious...
• I said, "The only source like that that I know of is scripture, the Word of God."
To which you (i.e. De Maria) replied...

No you don't. We don't have the original Scriptures. And the originals are the only ones that are infallible. We have the translations into various languages and all of them contain error of one kind or another.
But no one claims that the translations are infallible. At least, not anyone who knows what they are talking about.

But if we don't have the originals then who made the judgment call that the copies we have contain errors? Don't you find it odd that men should make that judgment? I mean, our abilities are so limited. What if God purposely allowed some errors to test our faith just as he allows false teachers to come into the churches and allows trials in our life to test us? Would those allowances be considered error if the author intended them to be there? It's a curious and possibly circular argument which our feeble minds cannot comprehend nor can we find it out.

So...how are we assured of the truth of our doctrines?

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