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Use this thread to suggest and request the addition/removal/placement of Religious Links, Books, and other sources of quality information on various religions, churches and denominations.

No Debating Allowed!

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You asked a question


It's been over a year since you asked the question: Should differing views be in the same thread or should an "anti-thread" be set up?

Given the rule that no debating is allowed in this forum group, perhaps the answer is that within a thread, a loving and mild "Another view of this subject is presented at . . ." would suffice without a qualitative statement as to which is better, or even that they are "opposing views" (which they very well may not be).

I have noticed also that sometimes a person from a specific background is looking for online resources, and those who obviously would disagree with that background's doctrinal positions still pitch in and help find the resources. That's the Body of Christ at work as it should be.

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