Be still and know

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Warm greetings everyone,

This is a wonderful website and community as it appears to me. The content that is hosted is immensely stimulating, and joy inspiring.
Following this text, will be attached a devotional poem written around the time of a change in mind.

The storm, a torrent downward cleansing;
The is Sun keeling at its apex, casting,
gold in threads toward our sight;
Clear storm, berating at each side
the thresh which parted at its core
by the zenith of our burning-
by the fervor in our sight:
Day’s deep dawning light.

The tenor of one voice
which calling us, profound;
sweet when in the tone it brings;
sings sharply
from the wilderness,
singing sharply
with the desert.
This voice, sharp toned,
The voice, as precious
as the dripping dew,
singing on dry stones
within the desert.

This is he who was spoken of,
The voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Solitary soul, stand here,
stand here before the water
clasp your palms,
and be silent, still,
and know the love
is passed to you.
I am you dear soul

Observe the running waters child,
Observe the old man, standing
with a dish, bearing,
patience for our king.
Observe him child, for he will go,
and we shall see
his voice rolling on a platter, humming,
waiting for our king,
waiting for our king to bring the running waters.
We may see arrived,
Our king.

"A burning and shining lamp,
and you were willing to rejoice
for a while
in his light."

I have heard him passing.
He is passing on the road,
He is singing.

Be still and know

That I am