Preparing for Lent! Why?

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Having been in more or less the Arminius Camp for over 25 years, I found the Lord calling me to serve within a Conservitive Lutheran Church, which is as you guessed, reformed. I like the balance the history of the church has labored over since 1530 AD. It has a great stability that is comforting to me. But I still have questions about some church traditions and holidays.

Since I will be teaching the Adult Bible Class at our local church during the Lent/Easter Season, I thought I would prepare a five week lesson plan explaining the history and purpose behind this holiday. There will also be a devotional theme to these lessons, hence the reason for Lent.

My reason for posting is to find like minded students of God's word to help in my understanding of Lent.

I will post the Lessons as I finish them, this will be fun as well as a learning experience. These can be found in a New Group, "Preparing for Lent! Why?"

Micah 6:8

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re: For one well practiced at....

Hello Tony,

Lent observances this would not be an issue for you. But what about those who know little or nothing about Lent, wouldn't it be a good thing to express why we celebrate this time of year?

Although most children live for Christmas, in order to understand Lent, one must understand first of all, that everything in the Christian calendar, prior to Easter, is a preparation for Easter. Even Christmas is a preparation for Easter.

Our Christian calendar begins on the first day of Advent. Advent is the preparation for Christmas, much like Lent. It is contrasted because it is a joyous preparation in anticipation of the birth of Our Lord. But it is also understood that it is Christmas is the birth of the One who will be Crucified for our sins. References are made to this during Advent.

Everything after Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord. In other words a celebration, of Easter.

And Lent, which is a forty day period of sacrifice and penance, before Easter, sort of reflects the 50 day period of celebration after Easter.

Anyway, Lent is intended as a period of fasting and penance which will strengthen our will and resolve to repent of our sins and persist in living according to the Will of God until the time we meet the Resurrected Lord.

For Catholics, there are three such embedded cycles.

First, there is daily Mass. Everyday, is an encounter with the risen Lord. Since everyday, we celebrate His life, death and resurrection in the Mass. Thus, every hour of every day is a preparation for Easter.

Then there is the Sunday Mass. Every Sunday is a Holy Day of obligation because every Sunday is a celebration of Easter. And thus every weekday is a preparation for Easter.

And of course, the one we are talking about. The yearly celebration of Easter.

I hope that wasn't too much.

Isn't that a part of our serving Him?

Yes, Christ is the source and summit of our Faith. Therefore, everything we do is for Him and in remembrance of Him.


De Maria