Preparing for Lent! Why?

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Having been in more or less the Arminius Camp for over 25 years, I found the Lord calling me to serve within a Conservitive Lutheran Church, which is as you guessed, reformed. I like the balance the history of the church has labored over since 1530 AD. It has a great stability that is comforting to me. But I still have questions about some church traditions and holidays.

Since I will be teaching the Adult Bible Class at our local church during the Lent/Easter Season, I thought I would prepare a five week lesson plan explaining the history and purpose behind this holiday. There will also be a devotional theme to these lessons, hence the reason for Lent.

My reason for posting is to find like minded students of God's word to help in my understanding of Lent.

I will post the Lessons as I finish them, this will be fun as well as a learning experience. These can be found in a New Group, "Preparing for Lent! Why?"

Micah 6:8

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One Cultural and One Spiritual

Culturally, I find as an average American, we have none to little! That is to say we practice little culture handed down to us from our forefathers. Much of our history has close ties with our faith, yet somehow we have allowed commercialism to seperate us from the simple practice of a faithful culture. We have been led the wrong way by materialism's magnetic pull. Have you ever wondered how many commercials you see on the computer, on the TV and through the Radio daily? Admittedly this is not so with everyone, there are some graced people, ever always on the narrow road. Nice to see! But I think practicing some of the Old Holidays as Lent and Advent help ground us as Christians, both personally and within our church communities.

Spiritually, Lent helps to gain perspective on the things of higher priority. Colossians would say we are thinking on those things above, while never failing to see where we have come from. We are yet sinners saved by grace. Lent is just a time frame within the year to consider these things, although it can be done anytime one wishes as well. The practice of Lent and Advent were always voluntary in nature, according to Irenaeus (180 AD).

Lent Lead
Micah 6:8