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In his steps

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How many times have i thought i had a close relationship with our Heavenly father to fine that i still lack so much of him.In this book i have founded conviction, in a lack of thing i can do in my walk as a child of God that i have not been doing.So many times i have spiritualize when i could have been actually doing. One of the most blessed conviction that God has given me through this book is that all my possession belong to Him. Finance,health,time,i am just an over seer of these things to his Glory. And then i wonder why my prayers have gone unanswered,God forgive me. Because i have not taken what he has given me and given it back to Him. I have asked Him to help me with this,that it may become a part of my life not just an application of my mind. Above all i fine myself repenting and asking for his forgiveness more and more as i see more of self in me.