What happens to our spirits/souls after out last incarnation?

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What is the determining factor? I'd assume it's after the Universe feels our spirits are evolved enough, and has learned all the lessons to learn.

What happend later? Do we get to create our own Universe else where? Do we become spirit guides?

I guess the possibilities are endless...

Care to share??

Love & Light!

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re: Reply to DeMaria's question

QUOTE: But I have a question. You claim that something I said was an insult to Buddhists. What was it?

I think you are being sincere so in the spirit of peace let us try to understand each other.

But first I want to apologize for the baby Jesus comment which was totally inappropriate.

No need. I never understood that one at all. And I was hoping it was true.

I am not anti-RCC. My heart is open to all who follow Christ. I also think the person who started this thread should have responded to you, but unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be happening. Many people believe in reincarnation, so he may not be Buddhist.

I’m beginning to think I misunderstood your original intent, but in my mind it was still a blunder. How would you feel if someone said to you in the past I have found Catholics to be very caring people; HOWEVER, I ALSO FIND THAT THEY BELIEVE NOT WHAT THEY CAN PROVE BUT WHAT THEY CAN IMAGINE

That is my opinion of their beliefs. Lets take the example for which I believe they're most famous, reincarnation. Is there any objective proof that anything like that can happen? They also accompany that with a doctrine of being perfected by frequent reincarnations. Has anyone ever presented any evidence for such a thing? I've not seen any.

Therefore I conclude that they believe in what they can imagine. Not in anything what they can prove.

HOWEVER, I ALSO FIND THAT THEY BELIEVE NOT WHAT THEY CAN PROVE BUT WHAT THEY CAN IMAGINE in reference to your Blessed Mother. That her relevance in the church is unsubstantiated in the Bible. That your novenas and prayer beads are useless because you are praying to an imaginary person?

That has actually happened to me quite often. And I have taken it as a challenge. I simply ask them to compare their doctrines to the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

For instance and just for purposes of illustration. I have had much more experience talking to Muslims than I have with Buddhists. And one of their claims is that the Gospels would be kicked out of court because of insufficient evidence.

So, I ask them to compare.

1. They have Mohammed, claiming that he spoke to an angel who revealed to him the Quran. No one else saw the angel.

2. We have four eyewitnesses, who not only heard Jesus Christ's sermons, but witnessed His signs and miracles, lived with Him for several years and were given the power to effect signs and miracles themselves.

So, I respond, if the Gospels will be kicked out of court, the Quran will be thrown in the trash. Compared to the Gospels, the Quran has absolutely no evidential value.

That is just one example. I respond similarly to any challenge, be it Protestant, Muslim, atheist or whatever.

Also, to be honest your attitude in debates seems a bit unfair. Do you like politicians taking unfair swings at each other to avoid the real political issues? I don’t and I find it much more distasteful when it pertains to religion. I hope that answers your question without offense.

Can you give me an example of an unfair swing that I have taken on anyone?


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