What happens to our spirits/souls after out last incarnation?

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What is the determining factor? I'd assume it's after the Universe feels our spirits are evolved enough, and has learned all the lessons to learn.

What happend later? Do we get to create our own Universe else where? Do we become spirit guides?

I guess the possibilities are endless...

Care to share??

Love & Light!

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I didn’t respond to this thread to debate. I was curious about who was commenting on reincarnation and unfortunately De Maria’s comments rubbed me the wrong way and I responded in the heat of passion. My insensitivity comes from not letting my passion cool down before responding, but I knew if I cooled down I wouldn’t post and I wanted my voice heard. I threw in the web site because I thought De Maria would feel the ‘debate’ was won if I didn’t produce anything. There is more documentation than that to be had, but documenting the physical existence of the Buddha is not the topic of the thread.

I didn’t suggest Christianity was founded by Jesus studying the Buddha – or at least that wasn’t my intent. I was expressing the fact that there are many, many people who do not believe in Christ as the Almighty. Personally I do believe Christ is THE ONE. That is a little funny because I believe it is the other way around. Without insulting the Buddhist (and I have chanted with you), I believe the Buddha was listening to God.

I’m new here and would like to post if I saw a topic of interest, but I don’t want to feel I have to join the debate team to do it. I don’t want my every thought picked apart to see if it is superior to yours. I think that was what Nodenom was feeling (and now I feel I have to defend my thoughts about him/her). What kind of sensitivity is that?

I’ve read comments by 4-5 people in this forum that would encourage me to become a Christian (IF I WASN’T ALREADY ONE) because of the love exuding from them and THAT is what I think would entice someone to take the plunge into Christianity and think whoa I want some of that and how do I get it? I won’t name these people because they are so humble I would embarrass them. I don’t want my brain picked apart to see if it is less superior or more superior in Christ. I think that is why Jesus was so angry with the Pharisees who sat around all day debating the Law. My true PASSION is NOT to turn people away from Christ who wants us all through charity to be HIS ambassadors for HIS calling. I really do not want to reply anymore and if this is a debate please feel free to win.