What happens to our spirits/souls after out last incarnation?

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What is the determining factor? I'd assume it's after the Universe feels our spirits are evolved enough, and has learned all the lessons to learn.

What happend later? Do we get to create our own Universe else where? Do we become spirit guides?

I guess the possibilities are endless...

Care to share??

Love & Light!

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Care to share?

DeMaria said - In the past, I have found Buddhists to be very caring people.
However, I also find that they believe not what they can prove but what they can imagine.

And how many Buddhists would that be? I was flipping through the christian network here with the remote and saw your comments. I'm not Buddhist, but I couldn't stop myself from putting in my two cents.

Siddhartha (Gotama Buddha or Gautama Buddha) was a man, one of the great rebels throughout history, much like Jesus, struggling against institutional religion of his day and the Brahmin priesthood. He is not a figment of the imagination and the Buddhist religion was founded on his principles after he obtained enlightenment. He had many devoted followers devoted to the “Middle Way.”

You may be sincere and trying to be engaging and helpful, but without being judgmental may be you should stick to your zone of comfort or really listen to what Buddhist are saying to you.