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Trinitarian Crisis in Popular Evangelicalism

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Several years ago I came to the suspicion that the doctrine of the trinity had fallen on hard times. The lack of empirical indicators to prove such a statement left me only with a suspicion. However, it seemed to me that the doctrine of the trinity didn’t quite get the same recognition as some of the popular teachings like prosperity, morality, self-esteem, and relationships. Yet one cannot deny the perennial nature of the trinity and its related teachings. It doesn't take long before one begins to notice that within contemporary evangelicalism discourses seem to emphasize second order discourses and primary order discourses Christology, God, or the trinity were relegated to secondary status. It seems to me that the sentiment today is that the trinity is a doctrine to be believed not understood which I would say is a CRISIS. Any thoughts?

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Three Persons in One

Three Persons in One GOD.

Each the One GOD in HIMSELF, Individually Distinct.

and . . .

Together . . . and still Each One in Their Individual Distinctness . . . the One GOD . . . Living as a Family . . . United in Love and in Truth as One Only Being.

This is the Great Mystery of Faith of which we cannot fully fathom the depth of understanding there-of, even with fullness of revelation from CHRIST as given and as explained by HIS Church.

Some things there are which demonstrate and reveal the Mystery:

A Chaste and Holy Marriage par excellence . . . each member having his role to fulfill . . . yet all operating together as a single unit . . . with a single purpose . . . clothed in and animated by Love and embodied in Truth.

CHRIST, in HIMSELF, in HIS Sacred and Incarnate and Glorified Humanity . . . body, Mind, Soul and Divinity . . . HIS Humanity United to HIS Divinity as One, yet each remaining distinct . . . demonstrates and reveals this Mystery of the Trinity.

Mary, Joseph and JESUS Living together in a Family of One at Nazareth . . . GOD submitting HIMSELF in Obedience to an Earthly Foster Father (chosen by HIS Real FATHER WHO remained in Heaven) and submitting HIMSELF in Obedience to HIS Mother, Mary . . . for 30 years . . . demonstrates and reveals this Mystery of the Trinity . . . though in a very hidden manner.

The Church, the HOLY SPIRIT and us ,Living as One in a Family . . . the Mystical Body of CHRIST . . . Living on Earth and in Heaven (and in Purgatory) . . . GOD in us and us in HIM, in and through our Unity with CHRIST and HIS SPIRIT . . . demonstrates and reveals this Mystery of the Trinity.

And many other things in Nature and in the Universe . . . both the visible and the invisible universe . . . demonstrate and reveal this Mystery of the Trinity.

Since the Universe is infinite . . . I believe that there are infinite ways to demonstrate and reveal the Mystery of the Trinity . . .

. . . but ONE Way is better than all of the others . . . and that ONE Way is JESUS . . . and all that directly or indirectly concerns HIM . . . this being especially HIS Church . . . the Whole CHRIST . . . Overshadowed and Indwelled by HIS SPIRIT.

Just some thoughts . . .

GOD Bless us all.