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Trinitarian Crisis in Popular Evangelicalism

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Several years ago I came to the suspicion that the doctrine of the trinity had fallen on hard times. The lack of empirical indicators to prove such a statement left me only with a suspicion. However, it seemed to me that the doctrine of the trinity didn’t quite get the same recognition as some of the popular teachings like prosperity, morality, self-esteem, and relationships. Yet one cannot deny the perennial nature of the trinity and its related teachings. It doesn't take long before one begins to notice that within contemporary evangelicalism discourses seem to emphasize second order discourses and primary order discourses Christology, God, or the trinity were relegated to secondary status. It seems to me that the sentiment today is that the trinity is a doctrine to be believed not understood which I would say is a CRISIS. Any thoughts?

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Trinitarian Crisis

Yes, it's a crisis among evangelicals. Why I didn't agree with you is because you made your statement without qualification. In other words, you made your statement as if it applied to all of Christendom. However, the Trinity is very well articulated and understood within Christianity. The problem is that evangelicals are slowly disconnecting themselves from the established historical/apostolic Christian heritage.

But this comes back to the question I raised. If secondary issues have been elevated to primary discourses, on what are evangelicals basing these discourses if they don't properly understand the staring point: what God has done for us (ie, that God became man uniting divine and human for our salvation)? After all, this is the starting point even for Paul, who said: have THIS MIND AMONG YOURSELVES, and then proceeded to describe how God, the Word, emptied himself (kenosis) and became man to reveal (for the glory of) the Father (through the Holy Spirit) for our salvation (Philippians 2:5-11).

You're right, it's a crisis.



"Blessed art You O Christ Our God
You have revealed the fishermen as most wise
By sending down upon them the Holy Spirit
Through them You drew the world into Your net
O Lover of Man, Glory to You!" -Pentecost Troparion