Prayer 101- The Basic Principles of a Prayer; A study

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The basic principles Jesus gives us are in Mat. 6:6(NIV) -"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

Here we see five (5) principles for a prayer.

1. Make time to pray - "when you pray"
2. Have a place to pray - "go into your room"
3. Have privacy - "close the door"
4. Pray to God only - "pray to your Father" (Specific Person-why? People pray to other idols and gods). "Our Father in Heaven" Matthew 6:9
5. God will answer prayer - "Then your Father will reward you"

We should consider Jesus Christ lessons about prayer very carefully. The verse of Mat 6:6 Jesus' teaches us that to conduct our personal prayer is simple and concise. He teaches the necessity to bring our request to God, and assures us His willingness to hear and answer our prayers.

Jesus later said to His disciples in John 16:24 - "Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete."

On my next post I will discuss the questions many people have "What God expect from our prayers".

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Good Point Louis, Noshic And Maria

Noshic and All Others,

Probably the best way to refine our prayers is to Follow The Master's Example of How to Pray.

You three have pointed out the best roadway to follow.

Jeff was right that vein repetition is only for our own memory. Once fron our heat is enought.

G-d hears out crying out even before we have start to pray. It is our crying that is heard first before we can even compose our self to pray. G-d starts to answer us, as our soul starts to bear witness of the need internally to The Holy Spirit.

Remember G-d's answer to Hagar by The Angel of G-d(Jesus)who Called to Hagar out of Heaven. G-d was answering the crying out of her son Ishmael, before she started praying in The Wilderness of Beersheba, from Genesis 21:17.

When we are at the end of the rope with our own problems, Crying out to G-d always receives and answer from G-d. Even when your are too small to care for your self and say nothing, G-d Cares for you, and ever need will be supplied, as you are cry out in your pain or your affliction. Remember, G-d is already sending His Angel to Care for you.

Speak out about your need to G-d, then rise up in Faith and see what G-d is doing for you.

Open your eyes to what G-d has provided for you in your need.

Waiting upon The L-rd is also good to do as well. When we wait, we are not doing nothing. We stay focused on G-d and focus our attention on Him and what He will do. We say nothing and listen to the still small voice of G-d speaking quietly to our soul within.

Holy, Holy, Holy is The L-rd, G-d, Almighty.