Favorite Verse and Why

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On this thread we are listing our Favorite Verses and Why they are so significant to us. Please no wandering off topic.

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Delight To Fear God

"'O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name, and give success to your servant today, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.' Now I was cupbearer to the king" (Nehemiah 1:11, ESV).

Another verse that newly attracted my attention, especially the part which says: "...who delight to fear your name."

The servants of God found joy to fear God!

Some would like to focus on the love of God. They find it appealing that He is love and believe as if it's the only thing that defines God.

But, that portion of the prayer of Nehemiah showed that there is room in the heart of God's people to have pleasure to fear Him!

"Yet I will
rejoice in the LORD,
I will take joy
in the God of my salvation"
(Habakkuk 3:18, ESV).