Favorite Verse and Why

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On this thread we are listing our Favorite Verses and Why they are so significant to us. Please no wandering off topic.

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Thanks, Maria.

Thanks, Maria.

I don't know how others look at these verses . . . but this is the way they have always come to my mind and heart.

The fulfillment of this Psalm 84/85 (depending on your Bible) all comes together as the Incarnate Savior in and through Mary. The Pregnant with CHRIST Mary is where the Old Testament Jews and the New Testament Catholics meet as well.

GOD the FATHER in Justice looks down upon the Earth . . . and through HIS Own Goodness . . . HE planting Truth in the Immaculate Heart and Womb of Mary (the Earthly Garden) and Truth Incarnate springs forth from the Earth (Mary's Immaculate Womb) as the FATHER's SON, JESUS CHRIST . . . the Earth yielding Her Fruit of Salvation in CHRIST.

The Second Divine Person of the BLESSED TRINITY fulfills the Justice of the FATHER in the Peace of the HOLY SPIRIT . . . coming together . . . THEIR Divine Kiss . . . Forms the Divine Wisdom of the SON first in Mary's Willing Immaculate Heart . . . and then by a Special Grace of GOD . . . THEY forming in the Garden (the Earth) of Mary's Immaculate Womb the Incarnate Truth in the Flesh, this being JESUS, WHO is the Way of Salvation for those who walk in HIS Incarnate Divine and Human Footsteps.

JESUS went before us treading the path to fulfill all the rigors of Divine Justice so that those who follow in the Way of HIS Footsteps may meet with the Peace and security of Eternal Life through HIM. Justice and Peace meet in the Incarnate CHRIST.

Although I believe I am theologically correct in saying the above, I have not found this Psalm expounded in quite this way as yet . . . but I feel sure that someone has done so before me or I would not have thought of it either. It is the Catholic Faith which I have received from the Church which brought these thoughts to my mind in reading this Psalm.

Others have interpreted 'Peace' as 'Mercy' I believe . . . and this is just as appropriate . . . as Mercy brings/forms Peace.

As John Paul II said, "Justice without Mercy is not Justice." John Paul must have had the same mind as does GOD on this point.


There is another Mystery going on here. Mary is the type of the Church. This same occurence which took place in Mary takes place in the Church on a Mystical scale . . . and by Grace . . . this occurs in every Heart so disposed as the Immaculate Heart of Mary was disposed to receive the Divine "WORD" of GOD in their Hearts and Souls. JESUS Lives in us, if we are Mary, the receptive Earth . . . thus yielding the Fruit of Salvation in our own souls as well as in the entire universe around us . . . by the Life of Grace acting in and through us . . . we bringing CHRIST's Peace which fulfills Justice to the entire universe.

GOD Bless us all . . . and HE has Blessed us.