Favorite Verse and Why

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On this thread we are listing our Favorite Verses and Why they are so significant to us. Please no wandering off topic.

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Philipppians 4:6,7

Grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus.

Thanks so much for sharing this. It popped out at me a couple of weeks ago while I was reading Hannah Whitehall Smith's marvelous little book "The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life". To say it's "rock solid" and "character shaping" is just right dead on. I'm learning that there's absolutely NO reason why I can't life the life of peace and joy if I choose not to. As a beautiful friend of mine once put it "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional". Let's be realistic: life has side effects, that's just the way it goes, but to know that He's here, right here, all the time in infinite love, power and purity is a TREMENDOUS comfort.

Again, thanks for sharing.