Favorite Verse and Why

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On this thread we are listing our Favorite Verses and Why they are so significant to us. Please no wandering off topic.

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God never forgets you

Oh Roxann,

I am so sorry that you are feeling this way! It is tough to feel abandoned. I will pray that you find peace in God.

It is part of human life to feel this way. Satan is always seeking to discourage us. His greatest goal is to prevent us from enjoying the life that God has given us. But, we can overcome. Just because you feel despairing DOES NOT mean you have lost faith.

Pray that God would help you to overcome! He promises in Jer 29:11 that he has good plans for us, plans to prosper and NOT to harm us. Whenever I am feeling stressed or lonely, I think of this verse.

I don't know what you are going through that makes you feel this way, but I am married to a soldier, and he was gone for five months and training. It was so difficult for me. I felt disconnected, I was a newly wed and I felt like I was all alone because my husband was gone. It was a GREAT joy to spend time in prayer. It is amazing, when you come before God, ask FIRST that he would give you the Holy Spirit. God promises that the Holy Spirit will intercede for us in groans that words cannot express! He understands our difficulties, and he promises to aide in our prayer!

I know that you can come back to living a life of joy--not a life free of trouble, but a life full of peace in God.

Remember, God loves you--as long as you always trust in him, believe that Jesus Christ alone can save you from your sin, and seek always to walk in his way--YOU ARE SAVED.