Heaven or hell.

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If a baby (child) died immediately after birth. Where will the child go?

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I enjoyed your statement and reasoning...

I myself recognise in the history our traditional beliefs, have come particular situations that have demanded an answer for those effected by that particular situation. Since we are long removed from those situations, yet the side docrines we refer to (Infant Baptism & Pergatory) yet remain.

As much as I think Families being baptised included infants as well, every local may have handled this differently until the act of baptizing Infants became common practice recognised by the Catholic Church. So it may of been a practice in place and then later recognised and sanctioned as a norm by the Catholic Church.

It's hard to argue the point on Sola Scriptura, because many of these side doctrines came in a time when folk people could not read Latan or any other Language. Not until the Bible got past the scholars and priest did people have a much better grasp on understanding the word of God.

Some of the side doctrines disappeared in time, while others remain. The question we should ask, is are these doctrines although not perfect, harmful or helpful to the progress of the gospel?

Micah 6:8