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Heaven or hell.

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If a baby (child) died immediately after birth. Where will the child go?

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Heaven or hell

Dear De Maria,

I read your comment "...whether I am saved or not is not for me to decide..." with a certain amount of sadness. If you dropped dead this very minute, what could possibly prevent you from being in your Savior's arms the next (...or the next day, or the next millenium, etc., etc., etc.)? I'm presuming that the fact you're taking part in this discussion shows you've committed your life, as much as He's given grace to do so, to Him. I can understand a certain humility here; after all, the grace of God is, at least to me, almost unbelievable; the whole concept of unconditional love is so foreign to my experience that to think that the infinite, almighty loves ME is boggling. But humility that says no where God says yes doesn't seem to be humility.

Just one point about the verse that you quoted: "...every man shall have praise of God." I have to believe that includes both of us, right here, right now.

Your hope in God is fully justified. He that started a good work in you will bring it to completion in the day.