Heaven or hell.

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If a baby (child) died immediately after birth. Where will the child go?

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Re:They always say...


...to read the instructions all they way through before you start assembling the parts. It appears you started assembling before you understood what you were building. We were discussing children who die just after birth. Someone had asserted that if they are baptized they will go to heaven but if not then we can only hope for God's mercy. Many of the parts you assembled don't fit together.

I assume you mean in my response to your message titled: To hell with children. I always respond point by point in order to avoid this accusation.

I realize that you began by accusing the Catholic Church of condemning unbaptized infants to hell. I believe I proved that notion is wrong.

Then you said that Catholics believe in a theology of works. I thwarted that by proving that we believe baptized infants go to heaven and yet they have accomplished no works.

Then you said that Catholics believe in a merciless and cruel God. I rebutted that by explaining that we would hardly then hope in His Mercy. In fact, I said that it seems you are the one who seems to have a low estimation of God's mercy.

Then you said that you didn't believe in the existence of hell and claimed that you couldn't believe in a God that would have established hell. I responded that I did believe in the existence of hell and that most Christians do so because it is a teaching which is in Scripture.

I'm going by memory, but this is only a small sample of the many subjects you brought up. As I remember you first brought up all these subjects which are in addition to children who die without baptism. All I did was respond to your accusations and objections to purported Catholic doctrine.

However, if you mean that I was somehow inconsistent in my various responses of the various people who have contributed, please be more precise in your objection and I'll attempt a clarification and or correction as required.


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