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Basic principles of back-slide!.

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What are the basic criterion that leeds to back-sliding

Thoughts on Perspective

To me, according to Hebrews (6:6, 10:24,25) it is clear that backsliding means falling into sin and falling out of church. This is why the author of Hebrews compels us to draw backsliders unto renewed repentence, not just renewed membership.

We need to be careful that we have that same understanding today. All too often, it seems, someone is considered a backslider because, perhaps, they aren't as active in church as they used to be. But this may be because they are getting old, going back to school, or the birth of a new child -- all of which are challenging. Or, if a person decides to go to another church, or move to another city, to be close to family, or for a new job. These alone don't necessarily mean a person is backsliding according to Hebrews.

On the other hand, we don't necessarily need to pack our churches with people who aren't coming for the right reasons. Note Hebrews 6:6 says to renew such a person to repentence first, then get them back in church. For example, should a repeat child molester be encouraged to come to church? Perhaps that sounds a bit extreme, but the point is we need to bring folk to Christ first, and church second. Otherwise we can, all too often, get caught up in the motions.

What I'm getting at is, I don't think its as important to identify the steps of backsliding; identify a "backslider"; or any of these things are as important as understanding how to exhort people to repentence and good works. Is it helpful to understand why people sin? Perhaps, but instead of becoming psychiatrists, see if can we help people find repentence, healing, restoration.

There are many things I may never understand about people, life, this world. But that should not make me incapable of loving, living right.

May His wisdom, which surpasseth all human understanding, and grace be with us all-