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Basic principles of back-slide!.

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What are the basic criterion that leeds to back-sliding

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Crypto-Sabbatarian comment.

Replying to:

There is but one definition of sin, it is "the transgression of the law." 1 John 3:4. The churches have fallen into sin in that they do not keep the law of God. Thus, they are reckoned with the sinners and judged worthy of punishment.

I cannot help but think that the foregoing post is a disguised argument for all Christians to quit worshiping on Sunday and switch to worship on Saturday, because Sunday-worship is the "mark of the beast" (which is what Ellen G. White taught).

I don't buy it. Seventh-day worship was never commanded upon Gentile believers (Acts 15:22-29), and Romans 14:4-6 gives believers the right to worship on one day, or a different day, or any day. The true "rest" for Christian believers, in which we cease from our own works, is the rest of trusting in the work of Christ (see Hebrews 4). The "rest" is no longer a calendar day, just as circumcision is no longer a mark in the flesh.

Backsliding (the original topic) has to do with falling back into sin, not with Gentile Christian believers failing to keep Jewish holy days, feasts, and dietary laws.