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Scripture and Tradition? Where does Tradition stand?

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We will continue the 2 Tim and 1 Thess here. I will bring the last posts from each thread here.

Let me define the thread subject here. We all agree that Scripture is foundational to the church, but where does tradition stand and what tradition.

Some questions -

Is a tradition considered to be apostolical even though it is announced and defined at a later date?

Must a tradition have some other supporting evidence or is the church's "word" good enough for it to be considered canonical?

Is Dogma tradition or just a church's view?

What support must a tradition have to be canonical? (such as multi-church support?)

Are views and teachings about a tradition also tradition or just a church's opinion?

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Sunday worship being only

Sunday worship being only one corner into which the reformers could have painted themselves . . . it seems . . . what were they thinking? . . . just joking.

I believe that arguing with the Church on the grounds of Tradition, or on any other grounds of authority, has to finally arrive at being . . . 'hypochritical'.

Without Authority, there is only chaos.

Is any Authority capable of being Right and Generous?

Ask HIM when you get there.

Once 'disagreement' with the Church became the rule of one's Life . . . in arguing with the Church or with any and every authority of one's choosing . . . it would be difficult to see where such disagreement would ever come to an agreeable conclusion.

One must at least have the 'inclination' to 'obey' or it just will never enter the mind or the conversation.

I'm thinking that 'disagreeing' is almost as everlasting . . . as 'obedience' . . . as in Heaven and hell . . . both of these being difficult to contemplate . . . and one of these very scary, indeed.

GOD Bless us all.