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Scripture and Tradition? Where does Tradition stand?

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We will continue the 2 Tim and 1 Thess here. I will bring the last posts from each thread here.

Let me define the thread subject here. We all agree that Scripture is foundational to the church, but where does tradition stand and what tradition.

Some questions -

Is a tradition considered to be apostolical even though it is announced and defined at a later date?

Must a tradition have some other supporting evidence or is the church's "word" good enough for it to be considered canonical?

Is Dogma tradition or just a church's view?

What support must a tradition have to be canonical? (such as multi-church support?)

Are views and teachings about a tradition also tradition or just a church's opinion?

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What impact did Council of Trent have on Tradition

The Council of Trent (A.D. 1545) declared tradition of equal authority with Scripture.

Does anyone know how this came to be? This was a very long council and there was much debate over this subject with a good number wishing to abandon tradition and cling to Sola Scriptura, from what I've read of the account. If the council had turned away from tradition then they would have had to confirm the Reformation rather than condemn it. But the account given recall the arguments of one member. He stated that the Protestants, by honoring Sunday of tradition rather than the Sabbath of Scripture, established the validity of tradition by their self-condemning practice of honoring tradition above their cry of Sola Scriptura. This concluded that discussion in favor of the resulting decision.

Do we have an official source which documents what transpired in this council? We have the final outcome but do we have any insights into their discussion? Do we have any of the letters sent to the Holy See which brought to light the difficulties they were having?

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