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Scripture and Tradition? Where does Tradition stand?

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We will continue the 2 Tim and 1 Thess here. I will bring the last posts from each thread here.

Let me define the thread subject here. We all agree that Scripture is foundational to the church, but where does tradition stand and what tradition.

Some questions -

Is a tradition considered to be apostolical even though it is announced and defined at a later date?

Must a tradition have some other supporting evidence or is the church's "word" good enough for it to be considered canonical?

Is Dogma tradition or just a church's view?

What support must a tradition have to be canonical? (such as multi-church support?)

Are views and teachings about a tradition also tradition or just a church's opinion?

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I think it was Jqlogan who

I think it was Jqlogan who said:

"But the doctrine of purgatory 'leads men to believe that they can neglect duty' in this life knowing that purgatory will finish the work."

jwmcmac comments:

This is a 'Protestant' misconception which persists and persists . . . but not due to the lack of clarity concerning this from the Catholic side of things . . .

The Church has never allowed 'neglect of duty' or 'insincerity' or the lack of True 'Repentance' concerning the Teaching of Purgatory or the Teachings concerning the Sacrament of 'Penance' to be easily misunderstood by the Faithful . . . Protestants believing the Catholics are leaving a 'way out' for 'offenders' who are not entirely sincere in their 'Repentance' . . . and this not at all being the case.

'Insincerity' of Repentance on the part of the Faithful Member of the Church as regards either of these Teachings of Penance or Purgatory . . . renders the offender 'worthy' of hell fire . . . from which they will not escape . . . 'sincerity' being the pre-requisite for all 'forgiveness' in the Church . . . with the insincere being further guilty of the further sin of 'sacrilege' . . . leaving them to be more guilty than before . . . if they have not been sincere or if they are not sincere in their Repentance or in their Faith.

Just wanted to clarify that a bit . . . thanks.

GOD Bless us all.