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Scripture and Tradition? Where does Tradition stand?

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We will continue the 2 Tim and 1 Thess here. I will bring the last posts from each thread here.

Let me define the thread subject here. We all agree that Scripture is foundational to the church, but where does tradition stand and what tradition.

Some questions -

Is a tradition considered to be apostolical even though it is announced and defined at a later date?

Must a tradition have some other supporting evidence or is the church's "word" good enough for it to be considered canonical?

Is Dogma tradition or just a church's view?

What support must a tradition have to be canonical? (such as multi-church support?)

Are views and teachings about a tradition also tradition or just a church's opinion?

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The threads are related but not the same.


Actually, you have made it more difficult to search the Scriptures for Sola Scriptura in detail. I don't know why anyone should be reluctant to do so.

You have stated that you don't believe in Sola Scriptura, but there are many people who still do. I'd like to see their justification for doing so, if they want to participate, in the Scriptures.

Now the purpose of the thread which I started will be more easily derailed.

But, I can work with it.