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Scripture and Tradition? Where does Tradition stand?

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We will continue the 2 Tim and 1 Thess here. I will bring the last posts from each thread here.

Let me define the thread subject here. We all agree that Scripture is foundational to the church, but where does tradition stand and what tradition.

Some questions -

Is a tradition considered to be apostolical even though it is announced and defined at a later date?

Must a tradition have some other supporting evidence or is the church's "word" good enough for it to be considered canonical?

Is Dogma tradition or just a church's view?

What support must a tradition have to be canonical? (such as multi-church support?)

Are views and teachings about a tradition also tradition or just a church's opinion?

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suppose i should state position (moved)

I do not support the protestant position of sola scripture on the other hand i do not support the RC position on Tradition.

which leaves me where.....

I beleive that tradition such as the Eucharist is handed down from the Apostles on the other hand i see many traditions as late additions to the churches at a later date. Unless you can show me that a tradition started with the Apostles I consider it to be a church created ceremony. I also believe that many of those traditions or words that Paul was referring to in his earlier letters were written down at a later time. Now agreed that there are expansions of doctrine at later times by some very gifted writers. It is our job to ensure that these writings agree with the original scriptures.

Your argument that belief must be based on scripture and tradition is good but now you have to show that the RC tradition is the correct one.

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