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Discussions on Jesus (combining Was Jesus God & Jesus in the Bread)

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Both these threads are covering about the same territory now and getting long again. Continue both threads here.

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ML said: "How come you avoid

ML said: "How come you avoid answering direct questions? What do you base the claim on that His natures had to be connected just because He is one being?"

I'm not sure I understand your question. If the 2 natures are not connected... how do you suppose that there is 1 being?
Proponents of the Trinity have tried to claim that there point is based on some foundation. The Creeds came about in the same way you and I have argued with the exception that you do not have a Roman Emperor backing you as Athanasius was. He insisted that his view point was correct and, for a time, had the ear of Roman Emperor Constantine. As I have stated, this argument has never been settled by theological debate, but by political influence. I know, you say the "Church" has settled it, but, with arguments like you have stated it comes down to trying to justify 2 natures in 1 being acting independently but yet never being less than the One true God.

I do not believe God intended us to be baffled by Him, but simply amazed. I do not limit God to anything. That's why I believe He could "anoint" any human being to do amazing things, as demonstrated throughout the O.T. I do not believe it took God Himself to do what Jesus did, but, as Jesus said it was the Father working through Him that did the works (John 14:10). If it took God to do the amazing things that Jesus did then Jesus must have told us something wrong when He said that we could do the things that He did because the same Holy Spirit is within us as was within Him (John 14:12).
The Trinity limits the power God gave humanity by declaring that only God could walk on earth as the people He intended us to be as He stated in Gen 1. We are made in His image and His command to us is to "Be Holy for I am Holy" (1 Peter 1:14-16).
You keep asking me for my proof and I refer to the scriptures. You refer to the Creed and other man-made documents to support your argument. Whether you believe in the Trinity or not, or for any part of scripture for that matter, depends on your interpretation of what is intended. The context must be consistent throughout all of scripture, and I do not believe that is the case with the Trinity, and your arguments have done nothing to make me believe that my position is wrong. In fact, you have strengthened my position.
I beleive that since God is Spirit and able to control all the vast universe that He created, which is much more vast than we have any idea, that God is bigger than anything the Trinity allows. I believe that, since God knows everything that goes on in your life, my life, someone in China, or Japan, or India or whereever, every second of the day, and cares what happens to each, that we are allowed access to His Spirit. Since there is only one Spirit, that Spirit is God. He envelops His children and directs them with His wisdom; just like He did Jesus.
So, we go on, striving to understand the One who created us and trying to grow to the utmost of our potential that He has given us.