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A question about baptism and salvation

Michael, it sounds as if you have a checklist which man must complete in order to be saved. Isn't this simply salvation by works?

Are you linking salvation with the reception of the Holy Spirit?

Acts 2:38 and Acts 10:47 seem to indicate that the receiving of the Holy Spirit occurred both before and after baptism in some cases.

I believe baptism is an outward sign of our acceptance of Jesus death as our death and our resurrection into a new life. Almost like a rite of passage similar to marriage. It is a symbol of our commitment to Jesus. A witness that we have given our dead life to Christ so that we might receive a living life from Him.

    1 What may we say, then? are we to go on in sin so that there may be more grace? 2 In no way. How may we, who are dead to sin, be living in it any longer? 3 Or are you without the knowledge that all we who had baptism into Christ Jesus, had baptism into his death? 4 We have been placed with him among the dead through baptism into death: so that as Christ came again from the dead by the glory of the Father, we, in the same way, might be living in new life. 5 For, if we have been made like him in his death, we will, in the same way, be like him in his coming to life again; 6 Being conscious that our old man was put to death on the cross with him, so that the body of sin might be put away, and we might no longer be servants to sin. 7 Because he who is dead is free from sin.
    Romans 6:1-7 (BBE)

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