Prayer in Praise of God's Infinite Goodness (Bl. Henry Suso)

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O God, unlimited Goodness,
when I desire to praise You,
no words can express
all that is contained in my heart.
The most beautiful creatures,
the most sublime spirits,
the most pure beings-
everything is infinitely beneath You.
But if I plunge into the abyss of Your goodness,
O Master,
all praise is so small that it disappears.

I traverse the firmament and the earth,
the surface and the deep,
the forests and prairies,
mountains and valleys:
all in unison cause to resound in my ears the symphony of Your glory without limit.

When I think of You,
the Good that merits praise,
you are the One that my soul has chosen in the unique object of its love.
And my heart wishes to praise You until death.

- Bl. Henry Suso, 1208-1366