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The Early Church Fathers, Anti-Semitism & Anti-Judaism, the Messianic Jewish Movement, and the Recovery of Truth

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Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Jimmy Sperling. I am a Messianic Jew residing in Sacramento, CA and attend a Messianic synagogue (Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation). That means that I am a inheritor of two faith traditions. It also means that I hope to bring some rediscovered and recovered truth and light to speak truth about the intertwined history of Israel and the Ekklesia.

Only when we can tell the truth as both persecuted and persecutors will we find common ground.

Let me face one of the issues head-on. Do you want Jews in the Kingdom of God, or are your more interested in becoming a gentile Borg? (YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.) Are you refusing to take the admonitions of Scripture to heart? It seems to me that the reason that the Brit Hadasha does not mention "Gentilizers" is that it would never occur to Rabbi Shaul even in his worst nightmares that gentiles who named the name of Yeshua would ever insist on turning his teachings on their head and requiring Jews who believe in Yeshua to renounce their culture and identity in order to believe.

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transcultural judaism


What a refreshing perspective to help seekers realize the anti-semitism (juden-has/jew hatred)that has crept into the faith...and helping believers understand the revival of Judaism, or should I say the renewal of biblical Judaism is the breath of the Spirit, to quicken the body of Messiah, just in time to usher in the King over Kings.

The truth that is exposed by Messianic Judaism is beginning to resonate throughout the believing world.

Both gentile believers as well as traditional Jews are coming to see that 'the book' is a Jewish book, written about Jews, by Jews and for Jews. Those that hear the call to return to God's ways, and come out of the world of religious traditions, are stepping into the place of blessing, unparalleled by any religious movement to date.

How thrilling to see the believers realize their responsibility to make the non-beleiving Jews jealous.

And wow, when the masses realize that the King of Israel is a 'new testament' concept, that was promised in the garden, and restated in Jer.31:31.

Loving G-d and doing what he wants- what an old/new concept, that will only lead to a wonderful place of blessing!

Baruch Ha Shem