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The Early Church Fathers, Anti-Semitism & Anti-Judaism, the Messianic Jewish Movement, and the Recovery of Truth

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Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Jimmy Sperling. I am a Messianic Jew residing in Sacramento, CA and attend a Messianic synagogue (Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation). That means that I am a inheritor of two faith traditions. It also means that I hope to bring some rediscovered and recovered truth and light to speak truth about the intertwined history of Israel and the Ekklesia.

Only when we can tell the truth as both persecuted and persecutors will we find common ground.

Let me face one of the issues head-on. Do you want Jews in the Kingdom of God, or are your more interested in becoming a gentile Borg? (YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.) Are you refusing to take the admonitions of Scripture to heart? It seems to me that the reason that the Brit Hadasha does not mention "Gentilizers" is that it would never occur to Rabbi Shaul even in his worst nightmares that gentiles who named the name of Yeshua would ever insist on turning his teachings on their head and requiring Jews who believe in Yeshua to renounce their culture and identity in order to believe.

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Arrogance or Scandal ?


Thanks for your comment. I was truly not aware that it might appear arrogant to call myself a Jew and what you point out is therefore helpful to me.

Now this opens a new problem. What you say, in essence is that it is a scandal to the Jews if we Christians openly claim our share of the inheritance which is ours through Faith in the blood of Christ. But isn't the Gospel a Scandal anyway ? And we are nonetheless supposed to proclaim it. No doubt we must do it in the spirit of meekness and humility that we find in Christ and that the conscience of our own sinful nature help us to stay true to. But a scandal is a scandal. Regardless of the spirit in which you present it, the reaction of the unconverted to it will be bad. In Rome, the Chrisitan appeared insufferably arrogant to the authorities and therefore deserving of the most cruel punishments.

We are here faced with a perennial problem, and one which has been most acute in the last few decades : If you testify to the Gospel in full, people react badly. But if you try hard enough not to offend people, you end up not presenting the Gospel in full. You water it down, truncate it, etc.

The fact the we Christians are heirs of Abraham through Faith is quite an important aspect of the Gospel as it relates to the doctrine of salvation by Faith which is itself the one vital link between us and the sacrifice of Christ. Are we going to keep silent about it when we talk to Jews ? How are they going to understand what the Gospel is if we do ?